August 16th, 2008

[movie] prestige; all for nothing.

moved - aerosol

So, after making this community a little less than a year ago, I am now leaving.  I applied as a maker at aerosol  and was thrilled to find out that I was accepted.  I started this community in October last year and over that amount of time I gained 120 members and it is watched by 177 accounts.  

I just want to let you guys know that I really appreciate that and thanks for commenting on my entries and for actually liking my work and whatnot.

Again, I really appreciate it.  Now I'm going to ask you guys to watch/join aerosol  if you haven't already, since that is now where I will be posting my graphics.  And it's sad for me, but also you guys can leave the community.  The entries that have been posted so far will be left.  Hope to see you guys over at aerosol .